Welcome to the ADP SBS Poster Compliance Portal

September 22, 2022

Important Information About Update Posters

Updates can take 30-60 days after the published update to get to the client.
To see if our client is due an update, do the following:

  1. Go to Poster Portal > Poster Update and Compliance Information
  2. Open the Federal or State tab
  3. View Update Status to provide the update and approximate delivery date

Especially important: Updated Federal and State labor law posters are not sent every year, only when there is a mandatory update. Federal and State labor law posters have multiple sections or modules that can be updated at any time. Your clients will receive mailers from other companies trying to make it appear they need to change every year.

Federal Poster News

We are not seeing any federal changes coming up in the near future but rest assured we continue to audit all the federal agencies so we can keep your Alexes up to date.

State Poster News

We have a number of new updates in process. 

9/22/22 We have now fulfilled all recent updates and will advise of upcoming updates as they become available.

Stay safe and well!

What's Available to You on this Site

Electronic Versions of State Posters and Select City Posters

We have added a link to each page which will take you to a PDF file of the actual state poster for that state. These PDF files can be viewed online by you or you can save the PDF file and send it to your clients. The PDF files have a ‘zoom in’ capability so you can actually read the text of the individual postings.

Poster Update and Compliance Information

Includes complete poster requirements, recent changes, anticipated changes, update information, and update status for each state.

Shipment Tracking

All poster shipments of the last 12 months including new client orders, reshipments, additional posters, and updated posters due changes. By clicking on the UPS or USPS tracking number you will be provided with the shipment details.  Please note tracking is only good for 120 days.

Poster Issue Resolution Page for SBS Associates

Use this page for ALL Labor Law poster inquiries, replacements, or requests. The template must be filled out entirely to avoid any delay in fulfilling your request. For poster escalations that may not be resolved by using the template, contact ALLC by email: answers@allcoinfo.com, or dial (800) 854-8674 and ask for Yana or Paul.

This site, phone number, and email address are strictly for the reference of ADP SBS associates and should not be provided to any clients! Thanks!