Required Postings
  • Arizona Minimum Wage Act most recent change January 2021
  • ADOSHA - Safety & Health Protection on the Job
  • Work Exposure to Bodily Fluids
  • Work Exposure to MRSA
  • Constructive Discharge Law
  • Notice to Employees: You are Covered by Unemployment Insurance
  • Discrimination is Prohibited in Employment (Bilingual)
  • Workers' Compensation - You must be a registered employer in this state in order to receive the OFFICIAL notice.
  • Paid Sick Leave Notice
Compliance Code
Update Status
There is a new mandatory change to Arizona postings. The Arizona Minimum Wage notice has been updated effective January, 2021. These updates have all shipped to your clients. If your client does not have an updated poster with the C0121 compliance code, please request a duplicate update to be sent at our Poster Issue Resolution Page
Previous Change
Arizona Minimum Wage Act January 2020