Required Postings
  • CAL/OSHA Safety & Health Protection on the Job
  • California Law Prohibits Workplace Discrimination and Harassment
  • California Minimum Wage
  • Emergency Phone Numbers - Employer must complete information
  • State Pay Day Notice - Employer must complete information
  • Whistleblowers are Protected
  • Notice to Employees - Unemployment, Disability Insurance Benefits
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Notice to Employees - Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  • Sexual Harassment Notice to Employers/Employees
  • Notice to Employees - Injuries Cause by Work - Employer must complete information
  • Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant Employee
  • Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA Leave)
  • Transgender Work Opportunity
Compliance Code
Module A C0123
Module B C0123
Update Status
PLEASE NOTE: The most recent mandatory changes to the California state modular posters are the Minimum Wage posting and the CFRA/PDL/Trans Notices. This change is effective in January of 2023. We will be editing this set of posters and should be sending out updates in early February. The agencies issuing the change didn’t confirm the posting until the second week of January. We apologize for this delay. We will keep you informed on our progress.
Previous Change
California Minimum Wage Act January 2022